Widely used in industrial and civil construction projects

Places with high requirements for operating noise and surrounding environment, water shortage or inconvenience to install cooling towers. It is especially suitable for various buildings such as hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, shopping malls, office buildings, theaters, factories, etc. It contributes to the energy saving and emission reduction of urban buildings, and becomes an ideal choice for urban building air conditioning solution.

Stable and reliable, long life

The modular structure of the unit allows the unit to start in stages, reducing the impact of the unit's starting current on the grid. The unit is equipped with multiple protection designs such as high and low pressure switches, antifreeze protection devices, waterflow switch, and overload protection devices to extend the service life. The unit adopts dual backup operation technology, and different modules of the same system are mutually backup. When one or more equipment fails, the system can still continue to operate for cooling and heating.