Consumer Appliance Brands

A sub-brand of Giwee company

Positioned as "the challenger in the comfort home industry"

Committed to creating a healthy, comfortable and warm environment.



Brand slogan

Cozy Life Starts From Giwee

Brand gene

  • Green

    Adhere to the concept of green, advocate low-carbon life, energy-saving first, build a green environmental protection industry, and create a green and healthy environment

  • Innovation

    Always pay attention to the frontiers of science and technology, pursue technological innovation and technological research and development, and build innovative teams and core technologies

  • Wisdom

    Look at the market with a smart eye, gain insight into the industry development trend and future pattern, and always provide customers with professional and smart comfortable environment solutions

  • Efficiency

    Adopt an efficient operation management system to make the production process and work flow efficient, and create efficient and convenient products


Brand personality

  • Positive
  • Confident
  • Open
  • Steady

Brand mission

Accumulate small changes to build an ideal habitat.

Green, innovative, smart and efficient, keep working hard in the subtleties of life

Through every step of the innovation, wisdom of the ideal living era

Brand vision

Let everyone enjoy a comfortable life.

Looking for quality life, focusing on the moments in life

Fit the comfort state between yourself and your family...


Professional Engineering Brand

A sub-brand of Giwee company

Represents a professional image in the HVAC field

With green concept, innovative spirit, global operation.


Brand slogan

Green Technology Creates A Comfortable Environment

GCHV always adhere to the pursuit and innovation in the field of energy-saving technology, launch a variety of high-efficiency and energy-saving products, and always take the responsibility of providing a healthy and comfortable working and living environment to bring people a better life!

Brand gene

  • Green

    Eco friendly and energy saving

    Corporate social responsibility

  • Creative

    Innovation and creativity

    Enterprise's innovative genes

  • Health

    Healthy and comfortable

    Create a comfort life

  • Value

     create value for clients

    Employees and shareholders


Brand slogan

  • Professional
  • Innovative
  • Reliable

Brand positioning

High-end brands in the HVAC industry,

With the concept of green environmental protection,

Innovative,Global management.