EVI compressor, super forced heating, high efficiency and stability

EVI technology refers to the optimization of the medium pressure refrigerant injection technology based on the EVI compressor. The principle is to suck a part of the intermediate pressure gas through the intermediate pressure suction hole (Vapour Injection), mix it with the partially compressed refrigerant and then compress it to achieve two-stage compression with a single compressor, which increases the refrigerant flow in the condenser. The enthalpy difference of the main circulation loop is increased, thereby greatly improving the efficiency of the compressor.

High-efficiency two-speed regulating motor, combined with new high-torque fan blades

The spiral airflow fan is designed with high torque and CFD performance at low speed, and the tip of the blade is bent to suppress the blade tip vortex, achieve excellent low operation and obtain more air volume, ensure good heat exchange effect, and improve the efficiency of the whole unit.