CHV Pro Full DC Inverter VRF


Giwee’s CHV Pro Series DC Inverter VRF is suitable for heating and cooling of high-rise buildings, office buildings, hotels, apartments, hospitals, and other places. The application enables long refrigerant pipe connections of up to 1,000 meters, and the height difference between the indoor unit of up to 110 meters makes the CHV Pro perfect for large projects.  


The single outdoor unit offers capacity ranges from 8 HP up to 32 HP. Four outdoor units can be combined in a VRF system to achieve maximum combination capacity up to 96 HP. 100 indoor units with capacity up to 130% of the total outdoor units’ capacity can be connected in one VRF System.


The CHV Pro VRF Series uses enhanced vapor injection (EVI) and refrigerant cooling technology for a wide operating range from -5°C to 55°C in cooling mode and from -30°C to 30°C in heating mode. It is also equipped with functions such as centralized control, wireless communication, indoor and outdoor unit positioning and auto refrigerant status checking to easily maintain the system.