Copeland brand compressor

Using a compressor specially developed for the water heaters, compared with the scroll compressor for air conditioning used in general heat pump water heaters, the performance under low ambient temperature and low water temperature conditions is optimized, and the startup performance is significantly improved At the same time, the allowable condensing temperature and evaporating temperature range are expanded, and the operating reliability under high water temperature, high ambient temperature (cool summer) or low ambient temperature (severe winter) conditions is greatly improved, and it is easy and durable to deal with harsh working conditions such as high load and high compression ratio. The service life is significantly extended.

Timely and stable hot water supply

With the heat preservation water tank, it can supply high temperature hot water 24 hours a day; when the water temperature of the water tank drops, it can be heated quickly, so that the water temperature quickly returns to the set value, the water temperature fluctuation is small, and the hot water supply is kept stable to meet the demand at any time; During the peak period of hot water use, due to the large-flow heating design, hot water can still be supplied at any time.