GCHV actively participated in the 127th Online Canton Fair


This year, the 127th Canton Fair is planned to be hold online. The exhibition time will be from June 15 to June 24. It is reported that about 25,000 companies will participate in the Canton Fair. And GCHV is also actively participating in this online Canton Fair event.

The online Canton Fair attracted about 2.4 million customers from 210 countries and regions around the world. GCHV introduced the new products to the visiting customers in detail: CHV Pro VRF, CHV Mini VRF, new floor & ceiling AC, new high ESP ducted AC, air source heat pump AC etc., which has attracted the attention of many overseas customers, showing the strong R&D strength and profound technical precipitation of GCHV, Among them, the new CHV Pro and air source heat pump are mostly favored by customers.

The CHV PRO VRF adopts a new design, elegant and strong. The inspection window design makes it easier to check the operating parameters, and making installation and commissioning safer and more convenient. CHV PRO single module capacity up to 32HP, 100 indoor units could be connected in a system. Through the intelligent cloud platform, remote information transmission can be realized, and remote monitoring, fault prediction, remote diagnosis can be performed worldwide.

The air source heat pump AC uses R32 environmentally friendly refrigerant with a capacity ranging from 5kw to 16kW. It can realize the functions of cooling/heating, 60 domestic hot water supply at -28, floor heating and radiator. The system can efficiently obtain heat from the environment and achieve the purpose of high efficiency and energy saving.

  Since its establishment, GCHV has always regarded quality and technological innovation as its important development goals, and is steadily advancing towards the road of internationalization. Despite the complex and severe external situation this year, GCHV will continue to plough into the market through multiple channels to provide global customers with professional and detailed complete solutions for central air conditioning.